“I know Mohan for at least 5 years and highly recommend him for accounting of tax purposes. I referred various friends to Mohan and they were all thrilled with the work he has done. In addition, I have worked with Mohan on various projects and he has become a trusted friend as well as an extremely respected colleague.”

- Howard Edelbaum, Vice President, The A Team Executive Management

"I met Mohan from a friend & colleague. He's great to work with, helpful, knowledgeable, and extremely personable! He gets the job done and does all the necessary research if he can't immediately fill your needs! I strongly recommend his skills and services!"

- Carole Cusumano, Client

"Mohan is an excellent and well-priced accountant. My company used Mohan from start up, having a single medical clinic, through to maturity with 23 locations in 4 states. His skills are well suited to all levels of business accounting."

-Jack Tawil, Client

"Mohan is ultra reliable and competent. We have used him for full service accounting and he consistently performs above expectations. I recommend him highly."

- Nicholas Malino, Client

"Mohan is a reliable and capable analyst who is self-directed, thoughtful, and timely in his work. I was very pleased with his work and would recommend him in the future."

- Michael Gober, Client

"If your car breaks down, you would have to be a fool to take it to your lawyer to get it fixed. If your tooth hurts, you don't go to your mechanic to have it pulled. If you need legal advice, you don't go to your dentist for it. If you came to me about tax advice, I would do you a disservice in giving you that advice myself. I would refer you to Mohan, after all it is logical that if you need tax advice, you need a tax professional. Mohan is a true professional who delivers trustworthy service in a timely manner."

- George L. Rosario, Client

"Mr.Mohan Basak was hired at Toner Fusion Inc. as an accountant and has been doing our corporate Tax return (IRS and NY State Tax), Employee Payroll, benefits and Insurance. He has successfully filed all our returns without fail. We recommend Mr. Mohan Basak and wish him all the best."

- Shak Rahman, President, Toner Fusion Inc.

"I have worked with Mohan for several years and find him to be a professional in all of his dealings."

- Antonia Forstik, President, ConMar International

"Mohan is a nice guy to work with. Gives due attention to details and responds back quickly."

- Tarun Gupta, Director, Invansys Technologies